A Virginia Woodland Preserve

Lightwood...More Than a House...A Magical World

Nestled deep in an ancient beech wood, Lightwood Forest is an historic 18th century vacation rental estate in rural Surry County, Virginia, close to Williamsburg and Jamestown. With over 100 private acres of woods, meadows and streams, the estate offers an unequaled experience for lovers of history and nature. One of America's most beautiful and unique historic vacation homes, Lightwood Forest is also available for weddings and other fine events. 

"On the first night at Lightwood I felt as if I were going to sleep in the cradle of our nation; tonight I had the precious opportunity to rock my grandson to sleep in this house, where so many have dreamed."

"From the moment we drove through your beautiful white

gates we felt we had entered another world."

"Everything about this exquisite home is unique and elegant."

"Completely enchanting and charming."

"When we first entered the gate at Lightwood we knew we had traveled back in time."

"The most peaceful place on the Earth! So serene and calming." 

"An amazing historical wonderland."

"Lightwood is a total enchantment."

"Pleasant times soon become cherished memories."

"Your house is magical."


"It will be a dream to once again sit and breathe in the soul of your wonderful old manse."

"Lightwood was a dream come true."

"There is a serenity to this place that immediately refreshes mind, body, soul, spirit and heart."

"This house is a treasure!"

"There is an almost mystical peacefulness here."


"Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin"-- Voltaire

Audley and Virginia, portraits, c. 1790

Archibald at home at Lightwood

All quotations are taken from our guest book or from online reviews.

Classical Virginia

"All our guests were able to feel the magic of the house and grounds."

Danielle and Jason