At present, you can find an up-to-date availability calendar on our vacation rental site,  Click on "calendar" in the upper left hand corner of the top photo.  Or, please feel free to contact us at 757-345-0576, or email us at with any questions.




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Williamsburg Historic Vacation Rental

​Williamsburg Vacation Rentals



January 1, through March 31, 2017 .....$295.00 per night, $1,750.00 per week April 1, through December 31, 2017 ..........$395.00 per night, $2,625.00 per week


            There is a three night minimum stay, and a maximum of ten guests. 


                                Rates include all taxes and any other fees.


Weddings and other events- up to 150 guests. Friday 12:00 PM to Sunday 12:00 PM. Overnight stays for up to six guests. Special Introductory Rate $2,500. 


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​​​​Historic 18th Century Vacation Rental