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 How to De-stress with the Perfect Self-Care Getaway

By Jennifer Scott 

Self-care is crucial for our physical and mental health. But in our fast-paced society, it can be hard to make time for yourself to unwind. Between working long hours, managing domestic responsibilities, and maintaining your social life, you might feel like you never get the opportunity to simply relax and focus on yourself. 


A self-care getaway is a perfect antidote to burnout. Going out of town for the weekend, indulging in all of your favorite leisurely activities, and decompressing from work will have you feeling refreshed. Here’s how to plan a self-care vacation that will boost your mental health. 


Choose Your Destination


For your self-care getaway, you’ll probably want accommodations with easy access to nature; according to Psych Central, going outside can help spark your creativity and reduce your anxiety levels. If you’re struggling with burnout, immersing yourself in natural beauty on your getaway is a must! Consider cozy places like Lightwood House, where you can enjoy luxurious amenities and plenty of outdoor activities. And don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit, especially if you’ve been working hard lately — you deserve to treat yourself! 


Plan to Pamper Yourself


Are you in need of pampering? If so, why not schedule some salon and spa treatments for yourself during your getaway? Booking a massage can help ease back pain and headaches, and it can even improve the quality of your sleep. 


Before you head out, you can ensure that you’re looking and feeling great with some at-home spa treatments. For instance, if your hair has sustained damage from blow-drying and straightening, consider giving it some extra shine with products that have a high protein content. Reach for high-quality keratin treatments that will soothe frizzy hair and strengthen your locks. 


Start Packing


Make a thorough packing list for your getaway. Bring comfortable clothes, workout gear, and a journal to reflect on your experiences. Take a good book, too — spending a few hours with a great novel can improve your neurological health and help you escape into another world for a while. Before you leave, you might also want to download a meditation app on your smartphone to help you stay present throughout your getaway. According to Yogi Approved, practicing meditation on a regular basis can help you combat stress and anxiety, and your self-care getaway is the perfect time to make mindfulness a habit. 


Sign Up for Relaxing Activities


Check out what’s happening in the area where you’re staying, and sign up for any fun activities that you might be interested in. Is there a yoga studio nearby? Bring your mat and get ready to stretch! You could also go on a hike, a bike tour, or a kayaking excursion with a local group. Getting a little exercise on your getaway is great for your mental health. 


Set Boundaries Before Leaving


As you prepare for your getaway, make sure that you won’t be interrupted so that you can truly focus on self-care. Get down to inbox zero by answering your urgent emails, and then set an auto-response so that everyone who contacts you knows that you will be out of office. 


Once you arrive at your destination, feel free to unplug and put your smartphone on airplane mode for the weekend. Checking out for a while can help you clear your head and avoid distractions, giving you space to concentrate on what really matters. 


When your schedule is packed all week, it’s tough to prioritize self-care. Sometimes, you just need to take a mini-vacation. By planning a self-care getaway with a focus on your mental health, you can say goodbye to your stress and take some much-needed time off.




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