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Earning Money for the Perfect Wedding to Kick Off Your Perfect Marriage


By Jennifer Scott 

Getting hitched is a big step, but it’s also incredibly exciting. What could be better than declaring your love with a blowout celebration? It's no secret that tying the knot can be expensive, though. So here are some ideas on earning money for your fantasy wedding, courtesy of Lightwood Forest.


Side Hustles:


You shouldn't feel embarrassed that your full-time job doesn't pay enough to cover the costs of your ceremony. Economists note that 34% of Americans have a secondary revenue stream. You are far from alone in your desire to earn more.


There are many options for couples in need of funds that tie in directly with the experience of getting married. For instance, you'll need to contemplate details such as table centerpieces. One way of saving money is by creating your own. Once you have enough for your event, don't stop. Keep constructing handcrafted decorations and sell them online.


Similarly, you'll want someone to take photos of the special moment. Hiring a photographer for the ceremony may be necessary, but you can snap other types of pictures. Learn the craft of picture taking and handle portraits of bridesmaids and groomsmen yourself. Then, present yourself as a photographer for hire when friends are tying the knot. In addition to the technical side of photography, educate yourself about proper posing techniques.


As you plan your wedding, consider selling nuptials advice. One method is creating a website that documents your marriage experience. On your site, compare which strategies have worked with those that haven't. Start early and build a following. With enough readers, you can pitch yourself as an affiliate marketer.


Skill Assessments:


Are you having a difficult time deciding between wedding-related, money-earning opportunities? Select the path that best matches your skillset. A job aptitude test can help you determine your greatest strengths. If you are still unsure which direction to take, solicit the advice of a career counselor.


Customer Searches:


Making the right interpersonal connections is necessary to finding freelance work. Friends and family are the perfect starting point for networking. Let them know what you're doing, and see if they're interested in hiring you and supporting your matrimonial desires. No matter their answer, state you'd appreciate their letting others know you're seeking clients.


Have an attractive website that uses an official domain name and employs search engine optimization techniques. Include samples of your work and various contact methods. Also, spread your online presence through social media. Remember that the personal touch is still most effective. Create business cards for dissemination within the real world.


Business Creation:


If your plan takes off, consider turning it into an official company. Verify that the name you wish to use for your venture is still available. Otherwise, you could end up in a nasty lawsuit. If the name you want is available, register it before someone else can.


You’ll also need to choose a business structure. While different options have their pros and cons, an LLC is a popular choice because of the legal protections and tax benefits, as well as reduced paperwork. You can set it up yourself but it might be easier to contact an online formation service that’s already familiar with local regulations on how to start an LLC in Virginia and can help you get set up in minutes. 


Dealing with money isn't romantic, but paying for your dream wedding is necessary. Incorporate a new source of revenue into your run-up to the big moment. With enough funds at your disposal, you'll be able to afford an unforgettable day.


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