Treasure Hunts at Lightwood

There’s a well known legend at Lightwood, passed down through the centuries, of the treasure the faeries brought with them on their long journey from faraway Scotland. The ancient legend tells of how Lilias of Rudha Mor transported, by means of ancient faerie magic, a treasure chest overflowing with gold and silver, beauteous pearls and sparkling gems of ruby, diamond, sapphire and emerald, all wrapped in resplendent cloth of gold. 


Led by Lumley Timbersplit, the husband of Lilias of Rudha Mor, and the greatest and most renowned faerie of all, the chest was hidden by the faeries deep inside Lightwood Forest. Protected by an ancient magic, the exact location of the treasure was known only to the faeries and to the two brothers who had befriended them, Andrew and Thomas of Lightwood


Legend has it that the children who find this treasure must share it equally, and with the same grace and kindness as would the faeries themselves.


Legend also tells of how the children who find this treasure will receive many blessings in the years to come, kindly bestowed upon them by the gentle and wise faeries who continue to inhabit Lightwood Forest, flitting hither and yon, invisible to mortals.


Good luck with your search, and in the words of the Lightwood Forest faeries:



“A h-uile la sona dhuibh ‘s gun la idir dona dhuibh”


(May All Your Days Be Happy Ones)

January through December, $250

Follow the Clues through Lightwood Forest, over the Streams and through the Woods, up Hills and down Hills, watching all the while for...

Faeries flitting by!

An ancient and very special Faerie Dwelling

Who's there... the Faerie's 

...Woodland Demesne?

 Faerie Treasure found recently... 

in a Treasure Chest, draped in resplendent Cloth of Gold, and brimming with Diamonds, beauteous Pearls...



and Emeralds!

*Lightwood House Treasure Hunts cost $250 and are recommended for children ages eight and under and for adults who are still young at heart. Please see our Rates and Availability Page for further details on this exciting, one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime adventure!*

"The Treasure Hunt was simply amazing!"

"The Treasure Hunt...was the highlight of the trip for our six-year-old son."

Treasure in Gold...

fit for a King...

like Xerxes...

of Olde!

"Dear Fairies, Thank you so much for all the gold! I hope you always will share your gold!" Love, Anna 

"We went on a fairy treasure hunt on one of the many beautiful trails. I believe the adults enjoyed this as much as the four year old! "

"Dear Fairies, Thank you so much for the trerser's. We will enjoy the trerser's and we want to thank you." By Sophia

 "The kids loved the treasure hunt and it was a fun adventure for me to watch them following the clues. I have no doubt that it will be a lifetime cherished memory for them."

"The Treasure Hunt was just great! The kids will remember it forever and it made the trip for them. Thank you for the bounty and work that went into creating that experience. After finding the treasure we made a trip up to the Grandfather tree and left a gift and tied on our wishes - the kids were in awe of it all." 

"The Faerie Treasure Hunt was AMAZING!  My kids' minds are seriously blown. Thank you for all the effort that went into that. I wish you could have seen my kids' faces when they saw the treasure trove. There was a lot of excitement at each clue, but that pile of! The kids are dividing up the treasure now, in peace and harmony."

"And the Fairy! This will be a lifelong memory of wonder and joy for our kids. Thank you!"

"this is Scarlett July 2722 and Jude we like to thank you for let ing us stay at this house we liked it a lot we even toke a video of the house and we found the treasure from the faeries we even want to stay at this house a gen and we plade Dres uq. from Jude now I mis you M.r Cliff we hope we see you agen"

Follow the Path that leads the way...

to the Faerie Walk, without delay!

And they would dance late into the Night to the Sound of the Pipes in the Ancient Forest.